Thursday, April 22, 2010

Whatever I start....

Usually stays unfinishied for a long time. Those things are often related to craft, se everywhere I go a leave tons of beads, wool, fabric, yarns, paper and other junk.

Some time ago I started a new collection: pictures of ugly dogs.

I got the idea in Venice where you can se an amazing variety of pooches, so remarkable that you end up staring at the floor instead of the channels.

Some time later I traveled to Vietnam where a found this (see picture) There I found really serious guard dogs, and a German shepherd with mini-legs.

In Mexico, pictures are quite sad and reflect quite well the situation of many dogs that live in that country. I'm sure there is a plenty of dog lovers in mexico but its not the common thing.

I invite you to check my small collection of mutts, let's see if I find some god ones in Zurich this weekend!

Dog collection!

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