Friday, April 16, 2010

Making friends

Some days ago, I wrote about the different things I am doing in order to meet new people here in Zurich and to avoid becoming an hermit.

One of them was to get in touch with the Swiss Knits group in and spend a Thursday evening knitting and drinking coffee (or something else, I don't like coffee...).

It was just like a blind date. You are in a public place to meet someone but you have no idea how does he/she look like!

I went to the Starbucks near Central Station and walked around its 3 floors looking for someone knitting (its an open group, they meet allways in the same place/day and everybody can join, usually people post in the group forum whether they will come this week or not, that day we where supossed to be just two people), SHIT! I found nobody!

The previous day I had a fiasco, I went to the Ateneo Popular Español to get a free yoga class but there was nobody, even the teacher was missing!

So I thogut I wasn't going to miss another day and I decided to get a driknk and stayed there for a while and work a little bit on my scarf.

Waiting for my drink I noticed the girl in front of me wearing a colorful shawl
suspiciously original .... mmmm it smells like handmade stuff here ... YES! that girl was my date for that evening, Katrin, a nice German girl, just engaged with an amazing pair of socks in her needles.

So for more than two hours we talked about differents things while her pair of socks and my scarf were getting done, next Thursday again!

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