Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back home

Yesterday with 20 people at home (my parents house) the noise was almost unbearable, my family yells a lot, eats a lot and, fortunately, laughs a lot.

In my opinion, the main generators of decibels are my aunts and my grandmother -she is 8o years old but has great lungs- along with my mother and my younger brother (since his voice changed he has become the champion and he is a striong deffendant of the philosophy "screaming doesn't make you be right but it helps").

I'm also quite good making noise, if I want my voice can make dogs cry but I think I'm using it less and less over the years (I bet you'll see angry comments about this in the original version of this comment juas juas juas).

The overall is an amazing and poliphonic noise to which you get used to and even miss when not there (although sometimes you would like to have a pair of ear plugs!).

There is another way of living, the one my father uses. He sits on the table, listening (or not) to everyone and gobbles Burgos sausages really happy thinking that those who speak do not eat andthis means there is more left for him!

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